KB Law Lines: Pay for Mandatory Training

Q: The District's elementary school principal would like to require her teachers to complete an eight hour online training regarding bullying over the summer to get a jump start on the school year. Are the teachers entitled to pay for completing training over the summer?

A:  Yes. The District must compensate teachers for participating in mandatory training held after completion of the term of the contract.

    Most Districts employ teachers on a 10 month basis, with duty days identified in a calendar. Any work performed at the supervisor's directive in excess of the number of duty days allotted in the teacher's contract must be compensated at the teacher's daily rate. If the teacher elects on her own accord to put in more hours or attend additional trainings, the District is not required to compensate the teacher. While a supervisor may always request that the work be performed voluntarily without compensation, once the activity is deemed mandatory, the District is obligated to provide compensation.