KB Law Lines: Video Taping Board Meetings

Q:   I've heard there may be some changes in the law when it comes to videotaping our board meetings. Currently, our meetings are not available online, but we do tape record them and make the tapes available to copy. Does our current practice meet our obligation to the public?

A:  Maybe. If your District has a student population of 10,000 or more, Texas law requires that a District make a video recording of all regularly scheduled board meetings available on the internet within 7 days of the meeting.

    The requirement to videotape and post board meetings does not apply to closed sessions, work session, or special called meetings. The law allows a District to post the recording to an existing site, including the District's own website, a publicly accessible video-sharing site, or a social mediate site. After posting, the new law states that videos must be archived on the website for at least two years. If your Distirct has over 10,000 students, you will need to begin posting the recordings of your open meetings to a qualifying webpage on January 1, 2016.