KB Reference Desk: Appraisal of Non-Principal Administrators

Q:      Our district has adopted the T-PESS appraisal system for our campus principals. Can we use T-PESS to evaluate campus administrators (other than principals), such as assistant principals, academic deans, etc.?

A:      Yes. However, modifications must be made to the T-PESS rubric to ensure that it matches the job descriptions of each category of administrator.

Texas Education Code 21.354(c) specifically addresses the evaluation of campus administrators other than principals, and provides that districts can choose to evaluate this classification of administrator under either the commissioner-adopted process or a local appraisal process and performance criteria. In this instance, of course, the Commissioner has not yet adopted a process for non-principal campus administrators. Luckily, the administrative regulations provide that T-PESS may be utilized, “provided the school district makes appropriate modifications to ensure that the T-PESS rubric and components fit the job descriptions of the campus administrators other than principals evaluated with the T-PESS.” 19 TAC 150.1028(b). A close review of each category of non-principal administrator and their job roles will aid your district in revising the T-PESS rubric for each type of administrator.

As the regulation specifically allows for use of the T-PESS system without further action, any use of an instrument other than T-PESS for your non-principal campus administrators is subject to scrutiny as a “local appraisal process,” requiring evidence that both the process and performance criteria were “developed in consultation with district and campus-level committees established under Texas Education Code §11.251” and “approved by the Board of Trustees.” Without having complied with these pre-requisites, a District is wise to utilize T-PESS this year for all campus administrators, whether principal or not.